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IM Beauty School Receives FAFSA Authorization.

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IM Beauty School Receives FAFSA Authorization. IM Beauty School (Principal: Isabella Lee, President: Warren Sohng), located on the second floor of Central Market Mall in Glenview, IL.

The FAFSA is a program through which the federal government subsidizes tuition, fees, and other necessary living expenses for low-income students through graduation.

To be eligible for the FAFSA program, schools must meet all federal requirements. This includes the financial status, student-faculty ratio, curriculum and operations, and graduation status of technical schools for at least two years and is eligible to operate the program.

Financial aid eligibility and amounts are prioritized for low-income students, but the government does not currently limit student and parental income, meaning that anyone can apply for FAFSA financial aid, regardless of age or income.

There are two types of financial aid: grants and loans. Grants are awarded based on the student’s and family’s income, and loans are granted to almost anyone. Grants do not have to be repaid to the government, but loans must be repaid after graduation and employment.
I M Beauty School, which opened its doors in 2018, was approved by the federal government to issue I-20s to foreign students in July 2020, just two years after opening. After receiving full accreditation from the National Accrediting Comission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS) in March 2022, I M Beauty School was finally granted FAFSA operator status in November 2023. I M Beauty School is now in full swing, helping students start their careers without the financial barrier.

I M Beauty School has been working hard to gain FAFSA eligibility since the year after it was founded. This means that now, I M beauty School has become a federally accredited scool in all aspects. “We are thrilled to be able to offer more students the opportunity to learn,” said Isabella Lee, the school’s president, in a statement. “As we have always done, we will continue to work humbly to connect learning opportunities and jobs for all those who want to learn the art of cosmetology.”

As this is the first year of FAFSA approval, I M Beauty can only provide financial aid for the Cosmetology program. After 2024, I M Beauty will be positioned to be able to offer financial for more programs, as long as they are longer than 600 hours long.

Community Leadership Service Award to Isabella Lee

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M Beauty School :The Cook County Treasurer’s office holds the annual Korean Community Leadership Service Award to Isabella Lee (principle of IM Beauty School) who was active in beauty volunteer work for the elderly and for the low-income elderly. The Cook County Treasurer’s office holds the annual Korean Community Leadership Service Award Ceremony for Koreans who have contributed to the local community as a sincere taxpayer. This year, Korean winners were selected in 7 categories including economics, society, education, and elderly health. The award ceremony was held at 1:30PM on the 19th, yesterday at the Hanneul Social Welfare Center in Chicago. About 80 Korean community officials attended the ceremony, including Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas, Lewis University professor Stephen Kurda, and Berlin City Councilor Benedikt Lux, attended the ceremony to celebrate

IM Beauty Schools 4th Graduation Ceremony

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IM Beauty Schools 4th Graduation Ceremony

The End of I M Beauty Schools 4th Graduation Ceremony
4 classes, 39 graduates… Celebrating alumni and family gatherings

At Gleview Central Market Shopping Mall, I M Beauty School (Principal: Isabella Lee), located on the second floor, held its 4th graduation ceremony on Wednesday, the 14th. This year’s graduation ceremony included 17 students in the cosmetology course. 6 students in the esthetic course, 15 students in the nail technician course, and 1 student in the cosmetology teacher course for a total of 39 graduates.

On this day, the graduation ceremony began with a greeting from CEO Warren Sohng, followed by a congratulation from Principal Isabella Lee, a congratulation from the Board of Education, and It was held in order of graduation speech by alumni representative Roger Robledo.

Principal Isabella Lee said she was ”very happy and proud to have produced 39 graduates” and ”proud to have established themselves as hairdressers in the mainstream American society.” She finishes by congratulating the graduates.

I M Beauty School opened its school in September 2018, producing 15 first graduates in September 2019, 32 second graduates in September 2020, and 19 third gradautes in September 2021.

In July 2020, two years after opening, the school was accredited by the Federal Government to issue I-20 for foreign students, and in February 2022 it obtained the Accreditation for FAFSA application for the Federal Financial Aid Program.

I M Beauty School is not only a leader in beauty business, but also in the education business, and plans to create the best school, honest schools, and all schools together.

The Glenview I M Beauty School has expanded

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I M Beauty School renovated and moved to a new place.

I M Beauty School, which opened in 2018, has expanded. I M Beauty School renovated and refurbished 5,000 sq. ft., located in a two-story building inside Glenview Central Market Shopping Mall. According to Principal Isabella Lee, a beauty school designed by an expert was completed within a four-month construction period which transformed a large empty space. The newly renovated beauty school includes a main lecture room, an aesthetic practice room, a hair practice room, a Mani/Pedi practice area, a service room for permanent eyebrow tattoos and eyelash extensions, and a spacious school-affiliated comprehensive beauty clinic with the latest facilities and instruments.

Since its opening in September 2018, I M Beauty School has become a leading beauty school in the Midwest, producing about 15 graduates in 2019 and about 32 graduates in 2020. In particular, I M Beauty School was approved as the first beauty school run by a Korean-American. In July 2020, just two years after its opening, the school became eligible to issue I-20 to receive foreign students from the federal government and received FAFSA certification in November of 2023.

I M Beauty school is becoming more and more well-known and held in high regard. This is due in part to, as Principal Isabella Lee explains, “excellent faculty members and a powerful program.” In particular, the school boasts a 100% graduation rate, 87.5% of whom go on to pass their license test on their first attempt, as of 2020 NACCAS data.

Regarding the effects before the expansion, Principal Isabella said, “Now, students of other races can choose our school more freely to receive vocational training, and with the pandemic over, we will be able to open a new way for students and immigrants who want to use I-20 to acquire M-VISA.” She also explained, “With the clinic completed, which is comparable to any other place in the town, graduates can build their skills until they get settled, and they can provide services to real-world clients at any time.”


The expanded I M Beauty School is located on the second floor of the second building in the Jungbu Market Mall, and its address and contact information are as follows.

Cosmetology Program

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I.M. Beauty School will help you succeed at what you are passionate about better than anyone else can.
Our Cosmetology program is a comprehensive course that includes professional training in several aspects of the beauty industry.

International Programs

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Selected as an I-20 issue organization

You can get an M visa so that you can enroll in a vocational school, and your family members also can have an M2 visa. You can apply overseas or domestically!