im beauty school in Glenview, chicago

Acquire Your M Visa Now !

  • All foreign students can obtain an M visa through our school! M visa is a technical visa and can be renewed up to 3 times. This means you can legally reside in the United States for up to three years. Children can also enroll in public schools in the United States through an M2 visa.

Going Online !!

  • IM Beauty School Chicago does offer all subjects. Register now!
  • Due to Covid-19, IM Beauty School has decided to go online. If you reside in California, course registration is also possible.

License Service !!!

  • IM Beauty Salon in Glenview solves the licensing problem of beauticians. We are doing a legal and complete solution!
  • We offer opportunities to endorse cosmetology licenses from other countries to the State-issued cosmetology licenses without provincial exams.
  • Out-of-state beauty license to Illinois beauty license. We will change it legally.

IM Beauty School is equipped with N95 masks and hand sanitizers, and thoroughly disinfects the entire builiding.

Accelerated Course (Non-Regular Course)

Semi-permanent makeup: Microblading Eyelash Extensions Professional Aesthetics
Hair Styling: Haircut, Color, Perm

Licensing Course (Regular Course)

Hairdresser certification class Skin Beauty Certificate Acquisition Class Nail Technician Certificate Acquisition Class Beauty Teacher Certification Acquisition Class
November 19, 2020

Cosmetology Program

I.M. Beauty School will help you succeed at what you are passionate about better than anyone else can.Our Cosmetology program is a comprehensive course that includes professional training in several…
November 18, 2020

International Programs

Selected as an I-20 issue organization You can get an M visa so that you can enroll in a vocational school, and your family members also can have an M2…
November 17, 2020

Continuing Education

Legal Sponsor for Continuing Education in Cosmetology, Nail Technician and Esthetician. Illinois Cosmetology Continuing Education Illinois Cosmetologists are required to complete 14 hours of continuing education before your license renewal…

2021 Continuing Education Topics and Schedule


Part I. Haircoloring: The Theory and Service
Part II. Skin Care: The Aging Skin
Par III. Sexual Harassment 1-hour Class


I M Beauty School: 630 Milwaukee Ave, Suite 200, Glenview


Every other Monday at 5:30 PM from 6/14 ~ 9/27/2021


$175 + $50(State L/C renewal Fee)