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Skin Makeover Education Topics

Cosmetology Programs

I M Beauty will equip you with fundamental, modern, and advanced skills in cosmetic scienceso that you can take your beauty dreams to the next level.ย  Our Cosmetology program will teach you:
  • Haircuts, coloring, design, and hair shape/styles that will leave every guest with a smile
  • Facials, makeup, and skin care
  • Manicures, pedicures, acryllics, Gel X,ย  and designs
  • Marketing and communication skills to not only attract and keep clients but also to build and maintain your business through critical soft skills

Courses Of Study

  • Cosmetology (1500 hrs): 9-24 months

  • Cosmetology Teacher (500 hrs): 3-6 months

  • Cosmetology Teacher (1000 hrs): 6-17 months

  • Esthetics (750 hrs): 4-7 months

  • Esthetics Teacher (500 hrs): 3-6 months

  • Esthetics Teacher (750 hrs): 4-7 months

  • Nail Technology (350 hrs): 2-6 months

  • Nail Technology Teacher (500 hrs): 3-6 months

Get a Cosmetology license in Illinois

What makes a cosmetology program highly popular and beneficial? A cosmetology license covers all of your beauty needs, with the exception of a few skills that require separate certification. This allows one to work at any kind of beauty related job. Because students will have covered every subject, they have the option to specialize in specific services or try and offer all services. The license is a great safety net for this very reason and allows for lots of job mobility. We make the process of getting certification and licensure hassle free. With the addition of FAFSA approval for our Cosmetology program (and only this program), we are now better equipped to offer this education for all kinds of people. Start your Cosmetology career today with excitement and courage!

Best Curriculum, Cutting Edge Training, and Rewarding Jobs!

As a highly reputable school of cosmetology, I M Beauty School hasย  a curriculum that covers all aspects of cosmetology in a harmonious, engaging, and swift manner. As a student, you get access to cutting edge technology and equipment, as well as training from certified professionals. Our approach is interactive and enjoyable with a bigger focus on practical training. Rewarding jobs are on the horizon after you get a license through our program!

We offer a competitively priced cosmetology course without compromising on quality. With the addition of FAFSA certification, we are now better able to help students find an affordable way to get started on their career goals. When you complete our course, you will not only know how to perform all the services expected from a trained beauty worker, but also how to conduct yourself as a professional cosmetologist. The instruction includes marketing strategies, online profile, and personal conduct topics so that you can take your professional reputaiton to the next level.

Contact us for more details on the Cosmetology course!