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I M Beauty School renovated and moved to a new place.

The Glenview I M Beauty School, which opened in 2018, has recently expanded. I M Beauty School renovated and refurbished a large 5,000 sqft, located in a two-story building inside Glenview Central Market Shopping Mall. According to Principal Isabella Lee, a beauty school designed by an expert was completed within a four-month construction period which transformed a large empty space. The newly renovated beauty school includes a main lecture room, an aesthetic practice room, a hair practice room, a Meni & Pedicure practice room, a service room for permanent eyebrow tattoos and eyelash extensions, and a spacious school-affiliated comprehensive beauty clinic with the overwhelming latest facilities and instruments.

Since its opening in September 2018, I M Beauty School has become a leading beauty school in the Midwest, producing about 15 graduates in 2019 and about 32 graduates in 2020. In particular, I M Beauty School was approved as the first beauty school run by a Korean-American. In July 2020, two years after its opening, as a school that issues I-20 to receive foreign students from the federal government, and it is known that it will soon be able to provide FAFSA(financial assistance program) to low-income students from the government.

Regarding the reason of why it is becoming more known and renowned, not only to Korean students, but rather creating a diverse culture despite being a new beauty school, Principal Isabella Lee explained, “Above all, there are about 10 excellent faculty members and a powerful program.” In particular, among the graduates of this school, the acceptance rate of students who took the license test to the state in 2020 is said to be close to 100%.

Regarding the effects before the expansion, Principal Isabella said, “Now, students of other races can choose our school more freely to receive vocational training, and as the pandemic is ending, we will be able to open a new way for students and immigrants who want to use I-20 to acquire M-VISA.” She also explained, “As the clinic is completed, which is comparable to any other place in the town, graduates can build their skills until they get settled, and they can provide services to external clients at any time.”


The expanded I M Beauty School is located on the second floor of the second building in the Jungbu Market Mall, and its address and contact information are as follows.